In which Spiderman becomes the Internet.

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dont need em


dont need em

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so ro tagged me in the six selfie challenge and here they are, all from this year!

i’m not sure who’s done this yet, so sorry if you’ve already been tagged: workinginthecorner, steventhealmighty, insensibilidad, and hairhattedhooligan—as well as anyone who wants to do it (and tag me so i can see yr precious faces)


scott mccall + being a perf pack dad


I was tagged (a few days ago… sry) by the lovely bisexualkira in the 6-selfie thingie

These aren’t really photos that happened in 2k14, they’re just to show how much of a hair and eyebrow adventure university has been… and I tried to include a couple that i’ve never posted. :)

I’m sure nearly everyone has done this by now, but I’m gonna tag jasmineandgorse, steventhealmighty, sideboobtuesday, setonlazalier, theswanqueer and titspirationall (sorry if you’ve done this and i haven’t seen it!)

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  • WILLY: they cant just throw me away
  • WILLY: you can’t just eat the orange and throw the peel away
  • BIFF: that’s exactly how you eat an orange

Anonymous asked, "why do you focus so much on female and gay playwrights?"


I don’t know, why does everyone else in this world focus so much on straight white dudes?

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Luna. 20. Solemnly swearing I'm up to no good.

My Snapchat is spbookworm.

The gal who designed this amazing background.

This theme is a WIP.

 people creating headcanons

The Nick to my Jeff.
The Isaac to my Aiden.
The Milo to my Elijah.

Sonic Screwdriver
okay is wonderful

siriusly punk